Goodbye to 2015

Here’s a review of my garden year


In which we said goodbye to our beautiful Robbie, aged 15, and enjoyed the first snowdrops


When I visited Shetland and was impressed by a bath garden, I sowed some broad beans under a cloche, I spotted some self-seeded lavender coming up through paving stones and I finally replaced the leaking water barrel with an old dustbin.


The daffodils appeared, and so did some mysterious holes in the lawn. I sowed my first seeds and enjoyed some lovely violas.


The magpies made even bigger holes in the lawn, we enjoyed our first crops: of broccoli and salad leaves, and seed sowing started in earnest.


I dug the runner bean trench and added some musical compost, the optimistic melons were doing well on the window sill, the apple blossom was glorious, I enjoyed the wallflowers in the front garden and spotted a little friend in the pond.


I had my first decent harvest of salad, I discovered the beauty of blue peas and one year old Bella ventured into the garden for the first time (having joined our household from the cat rescue in May).


We made Bella a cat cave. Mainly, the garden just blossomed with fruit and vegetables and flowers


Bella survived our holiday and enjoyed our return, discovering the joy of fairy mounds. I made some green soup and the vegetables kept coming.


Yet more courgettes and marrows arrived, an assistant gardener left, a cow joined our animal collection and I visited a posh allotment.


I brought the first bowl of tomatoes into the house to ripen and sowed some broad beans. I did some painting for the first time in ages and we delivered a food parcel, a chilli plant and some beloved cacti to our wandering son.


November is always a bit bleak but we had lots of tomatoes, the last of the carrots and a bumper apple harvest.


I did some baking, we had a tiny bit of frost, I made an outdoor Christmas tree and we had roses on Christmas Eve, and a lot of rain.

That’s my year in the garden in pictures.   There are lots of things that I forgot to photograph but it’s nice to have this record.

Happy 2016 to all my readers and I hope your gardens and allotments and cats and families all have a happy and useful year.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye to 2015

  1. Hi Jackie,
    That looks like such a productive year, it’s been a good summer hasn’t it. I hope you’ve managed to avoid the worst of the storms this peculiar winter and have a very Happy New Year!

  2. How wonderful to see your overview of your gardening year. What a great idea, as when you look back and see all your successes you inevitably get motivated and encouraged for the coming year.

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