Black cat in a snowstorm

DSCN5930There’s just a little sprinkling of snow but it’s Bella’s first experience of the white stuff and she is a little bit excited.  So am I to be honest – snow is always a little exciting, especially after a so far quite mild winter.  So I’ve been following her round the garden. She likes the pond, with a particular penchant for ice –

DSCN5929Here trying to lick the ice off the pond.

Otherwise the cold snap has brought out the  beauty of the winter flowers:

WP_20160116_005This lovely hellebore is just coming into bloom.  And I spotted the first snowdrop in amongst the frosty grass:


WP_20160116_004The snow won’t last very long but it has now got quite cold.  I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

7 thoughts on “Black cat in a snowstorm

  1. As I type this it is snowing… And the only flowers I have in my garden are the fading winter Jasmine and the winter Bellis and Polyanthus.
    Nothing else has poked up properly yet… Its all pushing… But nothing actually up!

  2. Being in the same neck of the woods as Kalamain I can confirm it is indeed snowing and like Bella my daughter and I find it exciting.

    The recent frosts have finally put paid to the phacelia, which is now wilting and so I think I will start the front garden clear-up. Weather permitting of course!

    Lovely to see your flowers, anyway 🙂

      1. It’s starting melt now but my daughter is having a good time playing snowballs with neighbours 🙂 Good to see her enjoying the back garden!

  3. How lovely, I love your hellebore flowers, and of course the snow! It does mark the winter doesn’t it, as if we feel that it has not really been winter unless it snows at least once 🙂

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