Winter garden

There’s dark corner of the garden that never gets any sun.  I keep my compost bins there but I also think of it as my winter garden.  It is right beside the house and so the first thing that we see when we look out at this bleak time of year.  I keep this is as my special place for plants that flower in January and February.  Sometimes you have to look quite closely to see them:

WP_20160131_001But here is where you will find primroses, a lovely hellebore, WP_20160131_002


a hamamelis, a camellia in bud but not yet in flower:


and lots of snowdrops


These little flowers make the late winter bearable.  I firmly believe that it is not possible to have too many snowdrops so every year I dig a few up, split them into new bunches and replant in a different place in the garden.  Slowly they begin to spread.  When we moved here six years ago, there were no snowdrops, in fact no spring bulbs at all.  I cannot understand how anyone can have a garden and not have spring bulbs, but then these people dug up the front garden and turned it into a car park so there’s no accounting for taste. I brought bunches of snowdrops from our old house (leaving enough for the new owners) and planted them in my dark winter garden and slowly they are spreading their glory across the rest of my patch.  Today I had the chance to potter about, clear away some of the autumn debris and rejoice in the my dark corner.  I also noticed that the musical daffodils, bought last year instead of a bouquet for a musical assistant gardener, had started flower:

WP_20160131_005so I moved them onto the patio table so we can enjoy them as they come out.

Today was also big garden bird watch day but the birds have mainly stayed away today – discouraged by my pottering and Bella’s prowling –  so my bird count will be rather meagre but at least I tried.

4 thoughts on “Winter garden

  1. How very nice to read about your winter garden here, for the past week I have been thinking over the fact that I want to create one of my raised beds, the one nearest the window, full of winter/early spring flowers, they are so important this time of the year. It is in my latest musings about the this years season. Thanks for the info.

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