On mud and not gardening

It’s been another no gardening weekend – away all day on Saturday and on Sunday the weather was foul foul foul – cold, wet, windy.  I’ve been reading everyone else’s blogs and you all seem to be sowing and planning and digging and doing stuff while nothing much at all is happening here. So I thought I’d better organise my seeds for the coming year. My first task was to sort out what was left from last year – so I got out my trusty seed box:

Seed boxIt seems I’ve got quite a lot left over from last year and most of them should survive another year, even when they say things like ‘use by 2010’.  It’s always worth a try!

Then a look at my raised bed plans – I try and rotate my crops a bit but don’t do it very well.  The trouble, in my north facing garden, is that the runner beans will block the light from other beds unless I put them at the back.  So the runner beans get rotated between the two back beds, and everything else sort of moves around a bit in front

raised bedI was looking for a picture of the raised beds – not having a chance to take any new ones lately what with weather and darkness and such – and this was all I could find to demonstrate, complete with our long lost Robbie, who loved to stretch out across them.

So the plans this year are for runner beans in the back right, tomatoes in the back left, courgettes and marrows in the front left and more tomatoes in the front right, as well as the overwintering onions which should be finished before the tomatoes go in.  A new long bed, which wasn’t built when this picture was taken, will have peas, peas and more peas and some broad beans and a few brassicas.  Cucumbers and peppers and any mad things like aubergines and melons will go in the seed houses.  Salads will fill in any spaces as they appear.  I’ve got another bed in the front garden where I’ve tried tomatoes but they don’t seem very happy.  I’m tempted to turn the whole thing over to herbs which flourish there but I’ll maybe give vegetables another shot this year. I’ve never had much luck with root vegetables and don’t have room for potatoes so that’s about it.

So back to the seed order – I seem to have lots of most things left but I’ll need more peas and more runner beans and some flower seeds.  It should be a fairly economic year unless I have a mad urge to try something new.

I usually delay any actual seed sowing until March so I had a quick look at my old garden diaries to see what I usually do in early February.  I was relieved (a bit) to note that most Januaries consist of moans about the weather and my inability to get out in the garden because of the dark and the rain – so maybe this year is not unusual, apart from the year that we built the pond – five years ago this week it seems.  Here’s what it looked like then:


Again, complete with Robbie.  And here’s what it looks like now (well last summer):

Spot the frogs
Garden pond

Five years on it was well worth that muddy day in February.

5 thoughts on “On mud and not gardening

  1. I haven’t planted a single seed yet. I haven’t even finished weeding from last year – too obsessed by strawberry world! Lovely pond by the way. I mainly just sow tomatoes, cucumbers etc inside in Jan/Feb. probably should sow some garlic – I mean to do that every autumn and every autumn I never get round to it.

  2. It’s frustrating when you want to get started but can’t. You could try onions inside (I read another blog where they are started in old toilet roll tubes – that could an interesting little experiment if nothing else).

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