More mud and some spring flowers

Saturday morning – time to finally get some of that spring stuff going – and what is it doing out there? Sleeting heavily on the swamp, turning everything into mud.  Yesterday we had lovely frost


But we also had roofers attempting to mend an awkward leak- so there was scaffolding all round the rhubarb.  WP_20160212_003[1]

I have to say they were very careful and didn’t damage any plants, though they managed to knock down and break a hanging strawberry basket while manipulating their ladders.  The strawberry plants are fine but the pot needs to be replaced.

But today there is just mud and rain and sleet – so  it will be another no gardening day. I went out with an umbrella to put some kitchen waste in the compost bin, which was steaming nicely, so something positive is happening in the garden today. Oh and there was this lovely little crocus, pushing its way up beside the rhubarb:

WP_20160212_002[1]Rhubarb and spring bulbs – yes I know its a bit weird but it seems to work.

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