Getting the garden going

I’ve been out in the garden for the first time in weeks, accompanied by Bella, who took the chance to do some fishing:

WP_20160312_014 (1)

She was mainly trying to catch bits of grass and water plants but she also caught a frog. Not so good but I managed to throw it back in the pond, apparently unharmed.  I hope it keeps well out of sight now.

She also enjoyed following me about, chasing leaves and sticks and bits of string so I’m hoping I can keep her occupied with these activities and keep her away from the beneficial wildlife.  I cut back my autumn fruiting raspberries.  This always seems the most unlikely thing to do – there they are, looking reasonably robust and you cut them right back so that they are just sticks in the ground:


Experience tells me that they will soon sprout lovely new green shoots and we’ll be eating raspberries in November – isn’t nature mad?

Despite having more seeds than I possibly have room to sow, I popped along to a ‘seed swap’ at Gorgie City Farm, a place that we often visited when the children were small.  I watched with understanding as the parents queued patiently for their toddlers to have a shot on the static tractor and I had a quick look at the lovely pigs.  But I had vegetables on my mind so enjoyed their lovely vegetable plot, disposed of several packets of cauliflower, kale and cabbage that were lurking in my seed tin and came away with purple flowered French beans and pink flowered peas.  What with my red Painted Lady runner beans and the stupendous blue flowered peas ,

blue peathe vegetable garden will be multicoloured this year.

Other than that, I got started on the seed sowing in the house.  I’ve been delaying it.  I know if I start too early, I’ll end up with weedy yellow things that look like cress rather than robust little plants.  But today I’ve sown aubergines, cucumbers, lots and lots of sweet peas and some perennial flower seeds.  Outside, I’ve sown a lot of salad under various home made cloches.  I’ll leave the tomatoes, peppers, chillies, peas and beans for another couple of weeks.

But, with a weekend like this, I feel the gardening season has started at last.

3 thoughts on “Getting the garden going

  1. The gardening season has indeed started. The air has changed at long last…. Not that it was a long winter, but it is great to feel it is worth doing things now. Your bean and pea flowers sound fun.

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