Lawnmower and a cloche

After an Easter weekend when everyone else was in the garden and I was either a) away or b) working, I finally got out to the garden today in between the hail stones and cut the grass for the first time.  Cue my trusty lawnmower:

lawnmoweror was that rusty?  For the happy history of this lovely machine, see an earlier blog post and part two. Anyway, it still manages to cut the grass somehow.  The trouble is that my garden is so full of raised beds, fairy mounds, ponds and other obstacles that ‘doing the edges’ takes longer than mowing the lawn itself. I’ve left the edges till the next time the sun shines.  But it was nice to get outside and Bella came too.  She chased a huge bumblebee and a butterfly.  They both got away but I was a bit worried that they had emerged rather early in the year and were about to be flattened by the hail stones.

It was then that I discovered that my cunning plan to use a cloche to warm up the soil for the broad beans is going to be trickier than I thought:


Bella thinks that I have built her a special cat sun room. I decided to leave sowing the seeds till the weekend while I work out how to stop her sunning herself on my plants. Those green things are green manure (or maybe weeds) and not baby vegetables so I don’t mind if she squashes them.  Meanwhile, I’ve sowed lots of tomato seeds inside, well protected from marauding cats.

5 thoughts on “Lawnmower and a cloche

  1. I find that a strimmer does will for edges and then follow up with the mower to beaten it all up.

    And with the cat sun room. Tie down the ends or plant some Marigold’s… Failing that… Two bits of cardboard and a brick. B-)

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