I’ve been looking for a use for some old wooden spoons for a while – now they’ve found a home in my collection of mint plants.  There’s been a bit of mint tea craze going on in the house so let’s hope this lot will keep us supplied this summer. The new leaves are just peeking through and the labels are looking rather good:


I planted out some pea seedlings under these wigwams and sowed some more round the poles:


And is it possible to have too many tomato plants?

Three varieties of tomato and some cucumbers, all potted on and overflowing the window sill.  And you may have spotted another spoon – reusing plastic spoons as plant labels in some of these pots.


4 thoughts on “Spoon

  1. Strange thing that I just can’t get past… We have used the same spoon for better part of 20 years. O.o

    Oh… And no, you can’t have too many tomato plants! B-)

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