Four seasons

This was the week when we had all four seasons at once:

WP_20160427_001[1]Here is a typical scene from the maxi-min thermometer in my seed house.  How are my little seeds supposed to survive with these extremes of temperature?  I’ve got peas, broccoli, swiss chard, beans, courgettes, salad and marrows in there just now.  Most of them seem to be hanging on despite the cold drops at night but the courgettes and marrows have refused to germinate.  So I brought the whole tray in and stuck it in my heated propagator:WP_20160429_002[1]Almost overnight these little dears appeared*.  I’m keeping them in the house for another day or two and then they can go back out to the seedhouse.  Meanwhile. look what I got from my glass covered pots yesterday:


Fresh radishes – the first of the season and always the best. These grew in pots (sorry no photograph) which are my attempt at a sort of cold frame.  They are basically large pots, covered with miscellaneous panes of glass which we found in the loft when we moved into the house.  They’ve had the same extremes of temperature as the seed house but the radishes and some lovely spinach seem quite happy there so far.

Last night the temperature dropped to -1 – but it’s supposed to be ‘warming up’ – ie to 5 or something for the next few nights, so let’s hope spring is really on it’s way now.

*and can some one tell me why the supposedly shiny new WordPress editor insists on importing my photos upside down and then doesn’t let me edit them?  I couldn’t get the radishes the right way up and so ended up reverting to the old style editor – sometimes technology defeats me!

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