More spring purples

.. and reds and yellows:


Yesterday I got on with the big task of pricking out seedlings. I seem to have an awful lot of purple sprouting broccoli and rainbow chard. So that’s next year’s multicoloured spring sorted. I also sowed all my runner bean seeds in paper tubes, ready to be planted out once the cold weather really has gone:


and dug my runner bean trench – see last year’s post on how to do that. This year there were no musical scores in the trench but there were some other bits of writing drafts which I’m delighted to see the back of. All growing into lovely runner beans over the next few months, I hope!

That, along with some grasscutting and general tidying up, was a good day in the garden. Back to work today and fuming at all the ‘happy bank holiday’ stuff that everyone else seemed to be blogging and tweeting about. I had to work late as well but came home to this lovely display of daffodils, cheering me up no end:daffodils May


3 thoughts on “More spring purples

      1. For sure! I’ve recently been helping a woman out with planning her front garden after she took the Tarmac up (taking the Tarmac up was a nasty job).

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