A little DIY

Six years ago I dug up part of my lawn and built raised beds to grow vegetables. I used planks from an old shed and some old bookshelves (and yes, to quote my assistant gardener, I removed the books first). Six years on and the wood is beginning to rot a bit. One side fell off this one. Bella probably helped:


So today’s task was to try and fix them up to last at least another season. DIY is not really my thing but I can manage the simpler tasks of drilling holes, with a trusty hand drill, and tightening screws. Ta da:

That was a bookshelf raised bed. It’s empty at the moment, waiting for the runner beans, and covered in netting to keep the cat off. The old shed plank one was rather more weathered:


but I fixed it too.  The wood on these won’t last forever but a little bit of love and attention should keep them going for this year at least.

While I was down on my knees, observing the rotten wood and the moss and the little creatures running about, I had a slug’s eye view of the runner beans in the seed house – and look what they’ve been up to:

WP_20160515_007Lots of little green leaves popping up.  Another week or so and they can go out to the newly fixed raised bed and start running up the bean poles.

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