Garden rainbows

It has been tropical today – pouring rain and hot sunshine – so perfect for planting out the scarlet runner beans.  They go in beside the wigwam poles, along with some sweet pea seedlings and some rainbow Swiss chard to grow away happily in the shade in the middle. Self-seeded borage will produce blue flowers. There should be some lovely colours in a couple of months:

WP_20160521_006 (1)

and more rainbow Swiss chard:


and checking up on the progress of the pink and blue peas.  No flowers yet but they’re doing well:WP_20160521_002

While doing this, I also harvested some purple sprouting broccoli – it’s almost finished but not quite.  I found it was also hosting about twenty snails. They are rather beautiful really but I’m afraid they got dropped in a bucket of water to drown before being disposed of quietly among the trees. The perpetual spinach is romping away happily, so we had some green soup for lunch:


Explanation of green soup and alternative recipe here. This time, it contained an onion mountain, a pile of perpetual spinach, some bits of broccoli and tarragon, lemon balm and mint to flavour. To give it added texture, I threw in a pot of frozen broad beans from last summer.

Looking forward to the rainbows in the garden in the summer.

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