Busy but sunny

The sun has shone for days now. Been having to water stuff. Water barrels practically empty. Pond looking a bit bedraggled. Planted out tomatoes and sweetcorn:

WP_20160604_002 (1)
Cardboard is there to keep the weeds down and  the cat off.  Let’s hope it’s not harbouring too many slugs.
Sowed some more broad beans and peas. Had some more green soup: this time made entirely with garden produce: spinach, broccoli, onions and baby broad beans. Went to the wondrous Meadows Festival and drooled over the vintage tools:


Didn’t buy any as I really don’t need anything but nice to see them. Reminisced about buying my lawnmower there nearly twenty years ago:


It was pretty vintage then, even more so now.  Had a picnic in a park with some very small children. Took some spare courgette and tomato plants to my friend’s allotment in exchange for some rhubarb and a jar of marmalade.

It’s been a busy weekend.

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