Happy birthday blog

It’s just over two years since I started blogging.  I’m still not entirely sure why I started but it’s been much more fun than I imagined.  I don’t have a a record of everything that’s happened in my garden over these two years, but I do have a record of some of the things it’s made me think about.  I’ve made some new online friends and discovered a world of other people’s blogs.  I’ve found blogging to be a refuge from the wider world: a place to celebrate what is wonderful about nature and the joy of growing things (with the occasional slug to dampen the spirits). I intended to illustrate it with my own drawings but that hasn’t happened – maybe next year. In the meantime here’s some rather random  photos from the last couple of years – do have a wander about and have a look at some of my old posts – but, in the meantime, keep reading,keep gardening and keep blogging away. Most of all, enjoy the flowers

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I didn’t make a blog cake, but here’s one I made when we moved away from our old house – it was a house cake and included a bit of the old garden – not to scale, it includes the greenhouse, vegetable plots, birch tree, plum tree, tomato plants,strawberries, house plants in the windows and a cat:


Happy birthday blog!


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