Bees and roses

What is more beautiful than a rose? A rose with a bee The bees have been very happy today so I’ve been trying to photograph them – not an easy task.  But they like the wild roses, and the self-seeded campanula and clover: They are rather fond of cotoneaster (also self-seeded): But what they really love is escallonia: This bush was buzzing with bees – unfortunately I haven’t pruned it properly so the flowers are all above head height – and so are the bees.  They’re still very welcome in my garden. Continue reading Bees and roses

Saturday ducklings

I’ve been away from the blog for a bit – bit of holiday, bit of work, bit of trying (and failing) not to think about UK politics.  Meanwhile there’s raspberries and redcurrants for breakfast and we’re overdosing on pea salad and green soup.  No photos yet but here is a duckling from our local park to keep you entertained: .. and a cygnet: Off to do some gardening now – hope you’re all having a good weekend. Continue reading Saturday ducklings