The thing about a wildlife patch:


.. is that it attracts wildlife. I was doing a bit of tidying up, cutting things back, trimming the fairy mounds and venturing into the dark corners behind the fruit trees that are the ‘wildlife patch’ . I was feeling quite pleased at how tidy it was beginning to look, when out popped this frog from somewhere inside a fairy mound.

Time to stop and have a coffee and blog break, and leave the weeds and the flowers and the frogs in peace.

Meanwhile, in a completely unwild plastic pot, a foxglove has made itself a hole and a home:WP_20160821_009


2 thoughts on “Wildlife

  1. It’s wonderful to see the wildlife in your own garden isn’t it 🙂 There is nothing better you can do for wildlife than let an area, the bigger the better, just evolve and grow. You can build things, plant things but in the end the best areas are just wild. Discarded wood, pots and over grown grass, bushes provide wonderful cover for them and keep the ground moist and cool. Second to just letting things grow is to provide a pond and then just let that go wild. Planting flowers etc can help but “weeds” are also flowers and very beneficial to wildlife.

    If you’ve got frogs then there’s some water close by, also you’re likely to have slugs and plenty of insects and obviously some damp hiding places and every thing will spring from there. There will then be plenty of worms in moist cool ground. If you have insects and worms and cover you’ll have birds as well.

    Having a wild habitat brings everything together. Well done 🙂

    I started with a blank small field, stuck in a pond, left the area to go relatively wild and in no time the area was teeming with wildlife which provided me with a wonderful sight of 85 frogs in one photo this year. http://ourlittlefield.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/frogs.html If you have a pond and let the area around it go wild you won’t be far behind. I’ve provided the link as a bit of encouragement to others to creating a wild area – you don’t need to wait long.

    A wild, so called messy area, with so called weeds, isn’t a mess, isn’t untidy, it’s perfection and something more people should strive for. Obviously we don’t want all gardens and all of a garden to look that way but the more the merrier.

    Thanks for posting about your frog.

    Enjoy your wildlife 🙂

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