Just as the Scottish schools went back last week, the weather turned warm and sunny. Then Friday and Saturday were cold and wet, so an assistant gardener went camping with his friends. Today is hot and sunny.  Such is a Scottish summer: unfair, but today was a good opportunity to get the resulting wet sleeping bags and socks washed and out on the line.  But this is not a housework blog.  Any wander through the garden leads me to check on the vegetables. This combination of sun and rain is delighting the runner beans and courgettes.  Here’s what I picked on the way back from the washing line:

WP_20160821_002Runner beans, French beans, courgettes, almost the last of the peas and the first of the autumn raspberries.

I also noticed some purple sprouting broccoli:


and some healthy looking tomatoes, still green, but promising:

WP_20160821_006Sun and rain: just what we need, if perhaps it could just be a little better co-ordinated with people’s camping plans.

4 thoughts on “Contrast

    1. July – they start and finish 3 weeks earlier than England – nice in July, not so good in august. I sowed the broccoli in April – it claimed to be an early variety ‘harvest October to January’ so it doe seem a bit premature!

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