I had an urge to prune the Philadelphus and, for once, checked a book on how to do it first. I’d just been doing my usual hacking back but this book said to cut out the old wood. So after a bit of more targeted hacking, I ended up with three satisfying piles: one, of greenish stuff for the compost heap; one of twiggy stuff for the brown recycling bin; a bucket of kindling for my son’s woodburning camping stove:


.. and a lovely pile of strong, straight sticks:

WP_20160828_006I used a couple straight away to prop up some top-heavy tomato plants but these will be great for next year’s peas if we don’t play giant spillikins with them first.

Oh, and while I was hacking away, I watched some bees enjoying the mint flowers beside the pond:

I’ll have to wait till next year to find out what the Philadelphus thinks about all of this.


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