Weekend harvest

It’s been a weekend of tidying up and harvesting. Pre-autumnal blight, mildew, snails and caterpillars have hit the garden so I’ve been trying to retrieve some blighted tomatoes, mildewed peas and chomped beans and broccoli before autumn really sets in. This weekend’s harvest included:WP_20160829_001
the first and, almost, only carrots, I grew these in a pot to try and combat the slugs and cats. They’ve done rather well but sadly there are only a few more to look forward to.WP_20160903_003

the first and only aubergines. I know, they are a bit pathetic. I’m not sure why I bother with them but they make quite nice plants and I’m forever hopeful that one year I’ll get a decent harvest

lots of beans and courgettes, rainbow chard and other green things. More of these to come thoughWP_20160903_007

Yet another giant marrow

The first of the plums and autumn raspberries. I think it’s going to be a plum glut year so lots to look forward to here;WP_20160903_001

The first tomatoes. Now this is a little sad. I harvested one red one the other day but we ate it before I got the chance to take a photo: carefully carved into four and shared around the household. These, on the other hand, have blight so had to be harvested green before it spreads. There are lots more green ones hanging like grapes on the plants so it’s a race to see if the sun or the blight gets to them first.

What to do with all of this?

We ate the carrots and beans with a main meal.
I made all the green stuff and the rainbow chard into soup, had some for lunch and froze the rest.
We gave some of the plums away to visitors and ate the rest of the plums and raspberries just as they were.
I put the lonely aubergines and the broccoli on a pizza – that was rather good and felt like a good way to appreciate the aubergines without them being lost in a bigger dish.
And I made three jars of courgette pickle and five of marrow pickle. WP_20160904_003I added the green tomatoes to the marrow pickle and I’m sure they’ll be fine in there. I cut back the mildewed peas and the blighted tomato plants, picked a lot of caterpillars off the broccoli and evicted tons of snails from the beans, courgettes and tomato plants.  Autumn is round the corner but there’s plenty left to look forward to in the garden.

7 thoughts on “Weekend harvest

  1. Sorry to hear your tomatoes have been stricken by blight, Jackie.

    I like aubergine plants, too, but the seeds haven’t even germinated the last couple of years 😥

      1. Did you grow them from seed? I’ve bought plants in the past and with the meagre crops I’ve got from them it would have been a lot cheaper and easier just to buy aubergines in the supermarket!

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