Our little plum tree is most productive this year.wp_20160910_003

We planted it six years ago to replace a venerable tree from our old house, which we missed so much. It seemed too optimistic that it would ever catch up with our old tree. It’s persevered well apart from the year that the volume of fruit broke a branch. This year I was taking no chances, hence the good use for a punctured bike tyre, holding the branch up:


So far, it’s worked and this year I’m beginning to remember the plum gluts of the past. The thing with plums is that, for all the recipes for cakes and jam and chutney, you can never quite capture the taste of a plum fresh from a tree.  But there is a limit to the number you can eat, so time to do some cooking. I was going to make a plum crumble tonight but found this recipe for plum flapjacks instead. Looking good so far:wp_20160910_002

Although possibly a bit on the puddingy side.  I’ll let you know once we’ve tried them.

7 thoughts on “Plums

  1. A branch fell off an apple tree where I do voluntary work… You’d think trees would have adapted to carry their volume of fruit, wouldn’t you!

    Anyway, great to hear of your plum success. I hope you enjoy your flapjack, however puddingy it might be 😊

  2. I wish I had a glut of plumbs. My tree managed 3 this year 🙂 As far as braking branches go, I propped up 2 apple trees. One of those trees had 6 sticks holding up the branches. Looks ugly but avoids getting broken in the wind. The alternative is to remove the fruit but I’d prefer more apples from the young trees.

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