Spider Plant Selfies

We’ve been on a little tour (with our friend the lemon geranium). We started off in Edinburgh:


Then we hopped on a train:


Arriving at Kings Cross Station in London:

We wanted to go to Hogwarts.  Failing that, we tried to get a selfie at Platform 9 3/4 but there was a big queue so we didn’t manage to get into the photo:


It was pretty hot in London, so we were pleased to get out of the bag and have a little drink in the evening:


The next day we did a little tour of the great London museums:

wp_20160913_001 wp_20160913_002 wp_20160913_004

We wondered if we could get a job with these people outside the Science Museum:


We visited some friends on the London Underground:

wp_20160913_009 wp_20160913_010

Our next stop was rather appropriate, although we were a bit worried that we might be sold at the flower show:

wp_20160913_012 wp_20160913_015

We didn’t go to the gardens – but thought we could try for a job jollying up the planters at the station:


We are serious Sherlock fans so we set off for Baker Street:

wp_20160913_035We wanted to photobomb the Sherlock Holmes statue but it was too dark.  Our final destination was a student flat.  We had accomplished our mission.

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