The tomatoes are ripening very slowly.  I’m still holding out for some red ones before it gets too cold for them outside.


Blight has been a real issue this year and the green ones that I harvested last week are not really ripening inside. So they have all been turned into ‘Autumn chutney’: basically green tomato and apple chutney, with added courgettes.


I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised when I have an abundant green tomato harvest, but I’m always hopeful.

While I was checking up on the tomatoes, I thought it was time to cut back all the finished pea and bean plants.  The peas have been great this year.  The broad and runner beans have been reliably good but the purple podded French beans have been rather sad.  I’ve had a reasonable crop of beans but, maybe because they grow so low on the ground, the slugs and snails have turned the foliage into rather beautiful lace work:

These are the joys of gardening.  Nothing is predictable so we take our pleasures where we can.

4 thoughts on “Lacemakers

      1. Not from that plant but three from another, including one big one (I’d thought I needed to pick them small but forgot about this one). There are actually two growing on another plant but I don’t know if they will get anywhere now…,

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