Blogging on the bus


wp_20161002_007I’ve been away for the weekend, celebrating a special  birthday with my mother. So the blog and the garden have been a little neglected. In my innocence I posted a first windfall apple on Twitter. Little did l know that I would be coming home on the bus with another ton of my mother’s windfalls. And then trying to blog about them on the bus WiFi. If this has come out a bit odd, blame the bus. But looks like I am going to be a bit busy in the kitchen when I get home.

5 thoughts on “Blogging on the bus

  1. The post looked fine to me! And windfalls – great. Two of my last three apples fell off some time between Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. The slugs made a beeline for them, so I know for next year to take the apples off by the end of September. I hope you make lots of lovely stuff with yours (and your mum’s).

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