Green or red

The green tomatoes have finally come inside. After a few nights of very low temperatures, I reckoned it was time to give up on the optimism and resign myself to it being a green, rather than a red, tomato year.


The silver lining in this cloud is green tomato marmalade, which is infinitely more exciting than chutney, especially in a year when my cupboard is already overflowing with chutney.  I blogged about this a couple of years ago see here but here’s the recipe again anyway:

Recipe for Green Tomato Marmalade

5 lemons
2lb green tomatoes
3½lb sugar
A dash of green ginger wine

1          Wash and halve the lemons and squeeze out the juice.
2          Remove the flesh and reserve with the pips.
3          Cut the rind into thin strips and simmer in ¾pt of water for 20 minutes.
4          Cut the tomatoes into quarters and chop finely.
5          Measure the lemon juice and make up to 3pts with water.
6          Add the tomatoes, juice and lemon rind and ginger wine to a pan, with the lemon pips etc in a muslin bag.
7          Simmer for 40 minutes.
8          Remove the muslin bag.
9          Add the sugar and boil rapidly for 15 minutes or until setting point.
10        Leave to stand for 15 minutes.
11        Stir to redistribute peel, then pot and cover.
[makes about 8 1lb jars]

You’ll notice that I add a glug of ginger wine to most jam, chutney and cake recipes.  Maybe I should keep it as my secret ingredient, but better to share it I think.  Oh and I’ve kept back a few of the more luscious San Marzano tomatoes in the hope that they might still ripen inside.

5 thoughts on “Green or red

  1. Is this a marmalade for toast… Like a citrus marmalade or is it more like salsa?

    I don’t normally make preserves but this sounds like it might be nice with cheese.

      1. I made a cranberry jam that was made for cheese. Quite a bit tartier than a dessert jam. Went REALLY well with cheese and biscuits.
        In that case I may have a look at this. Our local farm shop has green tomatoes in it. May pick some up.

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