Changing seasons

wp_20161014_003It is now truly autumn.  The leaves on the little cherry tree in the front garden have turned to fiery red.  It’s been another family focussed weekend but I had an hour or so this afternoon to do something in the garden.  I could have spent it clearing out and cutting back but wanted to do something more positive, something which would bring promise for the year ahead. I should, of course, have planted bulbs but didn’t have any to hand and anyway there are quite a lot in the ground already, waiting for spring.  So I sowed broad beans.  The overwintered beans were wonderful this year but I planted them in September.  Here’s hoping an October sowing will work this time.

WP_20160416_002Broad beans, spring 2016

3 thoughts on “Changing seasons

  1. I planted some overwintering broad beans today and likewise hope it will not be too late. The instructions on the packet do say sow October or November, though.

    Love the colour of the cherry tree leaves.

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