Moss and frogs

I was outside catching the light before it disappeared on this lovely late October day. I planned to give the fairy mounds a last haircut before winter sets in. I cut back some of the overgrown grass and revealed exquisite mosses:

All the more bouncy for sleepy cats. Bella doesn’t do much resting on the fairy mounds though, and it was just as well she wasn’t around when this little friend leapt out of the grass:


Our fairy mounds don’t have fairies but they do have frogs. This one was tiny and it disappeared back into the moss and what was left of the long grass.  I hope it is happy there.  Meanwhile the harvest is getting rather meagre, but the tomatoes have finally ripened indoors


and the apples are beginning to ripen on the trees. Here are today’s:wp_20161030_007

all Sunset apart from the great big green cooker, which fell, conveniently into my garden from my neighbours’ tree. Their tree is mature and overladen and they are happy for us to use up the windfalls that fall our way. I might need to make another apple cake.

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