It’s been a dreich* November weekend. I’ve tried to cheer it up by working in the garden and enjoying its pleasures. First, I tackled the leaf bins. The sycamore tree in the front garden has been offloading its leaves. We’ve swept them as fast as we can but more keep appearing and the leaf bins were full. I turned them out and decanted their brown mouldering gold into a big bag:


I piled the rest of the leaf mould onto the raised beds in the front garden to protect and encourage the spring bulbs and overwintering broad beans, lurking under the surface. This has made a bit more space in the bins for the leaves pouring from the tree as I write.

While I did this, I had a look at what was flowering in this November gloom. Here’s what I found:

Self-seeded viola, rose ‘boule de neige’, osteospermum, phacelia flowers, self-seeded golden poppy, rose ‘Benjamin Britten.

I was also pleased to see that the sweet peas had survived last week’s frost.  I cut back the runner beans which had shared their pole wigwam but left the sweet peas to delight me for a little longer:

wp_20161112_005 wp_20161112_004 wp_20161112_003

*a Scottish term which defines November  – but perhaps not so dreich after all

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