Reclaiming paradise awards for 2016

2016 – what to say? It’s been a year of political upheaval, the loss of some of our favourite actors and musicians and some deep personal loss among my own family and friends.  But this blog is about seeing the goodness, celebrating the positive and looking for hope.  So this year I’ve made some awards in my garden – although not all positive, it’s true.  Opening the awards envelope, we have

Most unsuccessful vegetable


Sweetcorn – it somehow never got going this year and then I left it in the ground because it was so useless, but here it is in the fabulous frost of late November, transformed into something rather beautiful.


The tomatoes were almost a close second – very few ripened this year, a lot of them got blight,  but there were plenty of green ones, leading to lots of green tomato marmalade

Most successful vegetable


The wonderful marrows – beautiful, tasty, relatively slug free and the cause of endless recipe development.  We’ve even tried the ‘mock crystallised ginger’ – see here for recipe – it turned out, as I predicted, really more like jam but not a bad thing for that.

In close joint second place though, are broad beans, runner beans, courgettes,  and peas

Most colourful vegetable

Equal first place goes to the rainbow chard and blue and pink peas

Cheekiest snail – this onewp_20160510_001


Simplest garden pleasures

Violas, bees, daffodils, spring flowers

Longest trip to a garden centre


To collect roses – for details see here.  And you can’t have too many roses

or apples (although not all of them were from my garden)

Biggest garden loss


My lovely hamamelis succumbed to something: drought maybe, not sure.  But it is certainly not going to flower this coming year so will need to be replaced.

Most impressive weather


Least impressive garden task: Not making strawberry beds, Not doing anything about the dreadful conifers, just not spending enough time in the garden.

I’ve missed a lot out but these were some of my stars.

So on the list for next year …..marrows, apples, peas, beans, roses, daffodils, crocuses, swiss chard, courgettes, tomatoes, … and doing something about the hamamelis, the strawberry bed and the conifers.

Happy New Year to all my readers – I hope that 2017 brings you joy and lovely vegetables


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