Chasing my tail

I’ve fallen behind with the blogging a bit but can only plead other pressures. The day job has taken over much more of my life than I would have liked in the last couple of weeks. Then I was away at the weekend. Very little (in fact let’s say ‘no’) gardening has been done during this time. But my visit to my mother at the weekend did result in a half a bag of red onion sets and a very small bag of seed potatoes to be shared between us. Neither of us really has room for potatoes in our … Continue reading Chasing my tail

A little housekeeping

I avoid housework when at all possible* but I’ve done a little bit on the blog. So if it looks a little different, that’s why.  I’ve changed the theme, added some new header photos, updated the ‘about’ page and fiddled around with the layout. I hope you can still find your favourite bits.  Let me know if you can’t. *housework is best done as procrastination to avoid doing something else – which explains this evening’s activity. I should be doing something else but now that everything’s nice and tidy on the blog, I can get on with the other stuff. Meanwhile … Continue reading A little housekeeping

Two birds

.. With one stone but no killing involved. It was the first day of a new year and I was drawn into the garden to do some hacking back, tidying up, looking for signs of spring and despairing at all the work to be done. Among other things there were the overgrown hedges and the out of control escallonia. It was lovely in the summer and a honeypot for bees but the flowers were far too high up for humans to appreciate. So I set to doing some hacking back. In the process I noticed a few flowers even on … Continue reading Two birds