Two birds

.. With one stone but no killing involved. It was the first day of a new year and I was drawn into the garden to do some hacking back, tidying up, looking for signs of spring and despairing at all the work to be done. Among other things there were the overgrown hedges and the out of control escallonia.

Bee on escallonia

It was lovely in the summer and a honeypot for bees but the flowers were far too high up for humans to appreciate. So I set to doing some hacking back. In the process I noticed a few flowers even on the first of January.


The bush is ancient and tough so it should survive the hacking. Mainly, though, this created a huge pile of spiky prunings, awkward to cut up and put in the recycling bin, so I dumped them all on the raised beds:


That should keep Bella off the raised beds for a wee while, at least until I start the seed sowing in the spring.
Two birds, one stone and a little bit of time to enjoy the garden on this first day of the new year.

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