A little housekeeping


I avoid housework when at all possible* but I’ve done a little bit on the blog. So if it looks a little different, that’s why.  I’ve changed the theme, added some new header photos, updated the ‘about’ page and fiddled around with the layout. I hope you can still find your favourite bits.  Let me know if you can’t.

*housework is best done as procrastination to avoid doing something else – which explains this evening’s activity. I should be doing something else but now that everything’s nice and tidy on the blog, I can get on with the other stuff. Meanwhile the real housework will have to wait.

11 thoughts on “A little housekeeping

  1. I’ve also been doing some housework on my blog (must be that spring feeling 😉). I’ve changed the name from ‘silverbells steps out’ to ‘Growing out of chaos’, for one thing.

      1. When I started blogging, I’d no idea what blogging was really about, what could be achieved, and I was a bit stumped for a name which encapsulated my vision – plus, my ideas have evolved. So, all in all, I hope the new name reflects better what I am trying to express. Anyway, thanks for your comment on this new approach 😊

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