Chasing my tail


I’ve fallen behind with the blogging a bit but can only plead other pressures. The day job has taken over much more of my life than I would have liked in the last couple of weeks. Then I was away at the weekend. Very little (in fact let’s say ‘no’) gardening has been done during this time. But my visit to my mother at the weekend did result in a half a bag of red onion sets and a very small bag of seed potatoes to be shared between us. Neither of us really has room for potatoes in our gardens but somehow we couldn’t resist. So I’ve set them to chit in an egg box in an assistant gardener’s abandoned bedroom.


.. and the title of today’s blog comes from my mother’s eccentric cat.  I watched her for quite a while in the garden, attacking what I thought was a small animal or perhaps a piece of plant.  Then I realised she was chasing her own magnificent tail.


It would be nice to spend my time doing that instead of the metaphorical tail chasing that has been going on in my life recently.  But I’ve got the potatoes and the onions to think about, the days getting a little longer and tiny green shoots appearing outside so there is hope for getting back to the garden and the blog soon.

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