February garden secrets

January kind of disappeared in a fog of work and other worries but now it’s February. I think it would be true to say that I haven’t even been in the garden in the last month (apart from putting stuff in the compost bin, letting the cat in and out and walking through the front garden to get to and from the house). Meanwhile the rest of the garden blogging world is making grand plans, sorting out tools, sowing seeds and generally being very busy. I haven’t ordered a single seed or made a single plan but here at least the snowdrops are coming along nicely:


and today, having finally finished a work thing that’s been weighing me down for weeks, I treated myself to a couple of hours communing with the garden. It wasn’t the best day – pretty cold really – but it wasn’t the worst either. So I set to hacking back things that looked overgrown, starting with a dreadful conifer hedge which really belongs to my neighbours – who plants these things? On my way to put the prunings in the council brown bin, I wandered through my front garden and noticed the overgrowing lavender which has been on my mental to-do list for months. Now I love lavender but sometimes it just gets out of hand. I know it’s the wrong time of year and you’re not supposed to cut lavender too hard back, but I did anyway. There are tiny signs of new growth though, so it should survive

And cutting it back revealed some lovely crocuses and daffodils about to flower and totally covered by lavender until now:


The best thing, though, was being down on my knees, close to the winter box so that I could catch its glorious scent:


It’s an odd plant with a very unassuming flower but an overpowering scent when you catch it. And then it got dark so I had to come back inside but at least I’ve done something in the garden this weekend. Now to start the seed planning.

3 thoughts on “February garden secrets

  1. I too cut some lavender down at probably the wrong time. Not sure if mine isn’t an annual variety, although the plant that stayed indoors is still flowering, so I may be in for a surprise. (Well, I am surprised to have lavender fresh lavender flowers in my kitchen in February, anyway). I hope your lavender recovers and in the meantime lovely to find other flowers underneath.

  2. Lovely to see you back again. Hope you feel better for having made a good start.

    I always cut mine at the ‘wrong’ time – or the right time, depending on your point of view – the right time for me is when I have the time and the energy. It seems to thrive regardless.

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