February plans

This weekend was going to be the big getting the garden going weekend but, what with one thing and another, I never got round to it.

I did a quick survey of what was blooming this happy February weekend and found lots and lots of snowdrops, daffodils almost beginning to flower, the hellebore in full bloom


and gladdening the heart of the vegetable gardener, chives and mint appearing in the herb pots.


But the only actual gardening I did was to get my seed order off.

Seed box

I had quite a lot of seeds left over in my seed tin from last year, but there’s always room for more: including the fabulous crystal lemon cucumbers and some red flowered broad beans:

I saw these red flowered broad beans in the Botanic Gardens in the summer so couldn’t resist getting some of my own. It’s still a little early for actual seed sowing but I’ve got a few sweet peas in pots in the house and some broad beans in pots in the seed house and soon everything will be getting going again at last.

2 thoughts on “February plans

  1. I always find starting each year the most difficult. Procrastination is my middle name….apart from this year as I’ve managed to start everything to plan 🙂 Even without starting it’s nice that you can walk around enjoying what is there already.

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