Last day of February

You know you’re addicted to blogging when:


you say ‘wait – don’t put that in the salad yet – I need to get a photo for the blog’.

Of much greater significance, however, you know that spring is around the corner when you discover there is no salad in the fridge, you go out in the dark with a torch, you look at the moon and the stars in the cloudless sky, you hear ducks flying over head and you harvest a tiny handful of oriential saladini from a home made cold frame.

It’s the last day of February.  Everyone hates February but it’s my favourite month.   I’m a February baby and, although the childhood excitement of birthdays has mainly worn off,  I keep a special place in my heart for this unloved month.  I like the fact that it has only 28 days except when it has 29.  And I like the fact that, despite the ghastly weather, it brings tiny signs of spring.



3 thoughts on “Last day of February

  1. I like March for the same reason (ie birthdays) but I have no bones to pick with February. At least there is some sowing to be done and the daylight hours are already noticeably longer😊.

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