Swimming in the garden

I got into the garden for a little while at the weekend but not as much as I’d hoped. It was very very wet on Friday night and I could have gone for a swim in the garden:


but instead I set off on my bike to the local swimming pool:WP_20170304_10_42_23_Pro


no – that’s just the cycle path but I did see a blackbird swimming in it and it was great fun to cycle through. On my return to the garden, I moved some compost between the compost bins, pruned the roses and planted out a couple of birthday shrubs that had been sitting forlornly in the back garden for a couple of weeks.  I forgot to take photos but I’ve added a lovely red dogwood and a winter flowering jasmine to my reclaimed paradise in the front garden. The front garden looks its best in mid March when the daffodils come out but right now it is a little bleak, so I’m hoping the dogwood and the jasmine will help in February next year.

I had grand plans to get on with seed sowing, fixing collapse raised beds and planting out the strawberries but other things had to be done. One of these days, the evenings will get lighter and the weekends will open up a bit and I’ll be able to get on with all these spring tasks.  Meanwhile the daffodils are beginning to appear and the purple sprouting broccoli is continuing to flourish:

5 thoughts on “Swimming in the garden

  1. I hope that your garden will dry out soon and that it will be possible to attend to some of the work that you want to do. When I return to Ireland in the beginning of April I will have a huge amount of work in the garden, so hoping that by then the weather will have improved 🙂

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