Raised Beds

I came back from my trip to my mother’s garden, complete with her share of the seed potatoes we bought back in January. Since I don’t think she will be able to plant them, I’ve brought them home to plant in a pot in my garden.  Added to mine, that makes 10 whole potato plants:WP_20170326_16_12_26_ProThey all seem to have chitted rather nicely, so I’ve planted hers in a pot and mine in the ground.  Planting the potatoes meant digging over the raised beds and also getting some of the broad beans in.  While I was doing this I dug over the beds for the tomatoes and courgettes, put down some garden compost and covered them with cardboard.  I haven’t sown the seeds for these yet but I’m confident that I’ll get them going indoors soon. Meanwhile, the cardboard should keep the weeds down and the cat off.  Since I’ve been rather distracted lately, I worried that I would forget what was supposed to go where, so I labelled the cardboard:WP_20170326_16_27_59_ProNo doubt it will wash off in the rain, but it might help me to remember what goes where.  I don’t know if Bella can read, but she appreciates the nice new sunny place to sit:

WP_20170326_17_05_17_ProThat’s the last of the purple sprouting broccoli hanging over her head.  It’s still going strong.  We had some for tea.

3 thoughts on “Raised Beds

  1. ….potatoes, the one thing I am behind on…just haven’t managed to dig their bed properly yet 🙂

    Writing on the cardboard, multi-purpose cardboard, I do like that. So simple, so obviously the best thing to do and yet I can’t think of these things 🙂 Although funnily enough, I’ve just thought of it.

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