Pots of flowers

It’s been a busy month, taken up partly with work commitments but also with helping my mother come home after a spell in hospital. She has always been a gardener and her speciality is pots, with a patio of constantly changing seasonal flowers. It was a joy to be able to show her the photos of her spring bulbs as they emerged during her long stay in hospital:


Now the bulbs are coming to an end and the season demands that they be dug into the ground and the pots refilled with late spring bedding. I’ve been doing a lot of weeding and cutting back overgrown shrubs and wondering what to put in the flower pots. I sneaked some herbs into a stone trough but suspected that this was not quite what my mother would usually do with her patio:


Yesterday I was out walking and was getting a little weary when this loomed ahead of me.WP_20170426_16_12_51_Pro

Garden centre and coffee shop. The perfect combination. I stocked up on coffee and flowers and headed home.

WP_20170427_10_22_44_ProToday’s task is to plant up all the pots at the back door so that my mother can enjoy them.

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