More than pots on the patio

Following on from my post on pots of flowers in my mother’s garden, here are some results from my trip to the garden centre:

But just in case you thought my mother’s garden was all patio and pots, she also has a humungous apple tree, just coming into blossom now:

with promise of lots to come in the autumn, if last year is anything to go by. Only she could have strawberries growing in the steps:

strawberries on the stepThe garden is full of birds, including a blackbird nest hiding in an overgrown shrub in a wall:

blackbird nestYou probably can’t see the bird, but I can assure you she’s there, sitting in the nest and flitting in and out along with her mate. We were alerted to this wonder by my mother’s observant cat.  Not a good combination but we’re crossing our fingers that the birds survive her attentions.  We’re hoping the sun keeps shining to keep her occupied with other pleasures.


One thought on “More than pots on the patio

  1. I hope your mother has a good apple crop this year. I have loads of blossom and am willing the bumblebees to do their stuff before the wind blows it all away.

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