People in glass houses


..should grow vegetables. This is my beloved terrarium, given to us as a wedding present longer ago than we care to count. I’ve kept it potted up all these years, occasionally cleaning the whole thing out and replacing the plants. This winter it needed more than that though. The plants really were unhappy and the door had fallen off.


I emptied it out, cleaned the glass and the pebbles and took cuttings from the plants, with the intention of getting the door fixed. It has taken me a wee while, but I found a local stained glass workshop who were able to fix the door and generally overhaul the leading on the glass. Today I replanted it,  planting the nicely rooted cuttings in individual pots. I was very pleased that the cuttings of the creeping fig and ferns had survived and look happy in their new home. And now there are vegetables too.  Here it is before I added them:


This weekend’s main task however was to get on with the vegetables in my own garden, having returned from visiting my mother. I’ve done a lot of spring tasks, sowing seeds, digging over raised beds, enjoying the apple blossom.


I did a lot of weeding, harvesting enough nettles and dandelions to make weed pesto – information on that here – I was pleased that I had the details on my blog to remind me how to make it.  This time I blanched the nettles first to avoid stings.  It didn’t taste as good as last time, possibly too much dandelion.  We’ll have to keep testing


I planted out a row of monster pink peas,  information about their origins here

WP_20170430_16_44_38_Pro trying to remember how big they grew last year:

WP_20160618_012It’s very hard to imagine the change from the tiny seedlings to this kind of abundance, but that’s what gardening is all about.  The season has truly started.

5 thoughts on “People in glass houses

  1. Your terrarium is great – I’m sure it will have a new lease of life – I’ve planted sweetpeas – fingers crossed 🙂 good luck with yours

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