Happy 3rd birthday blog!

WordPress has just reminded me that it is three years since I registered my blog. I didn’t put up my first post till June, as I spent several weeks dithering about it.  But, today’s the anniversary so it’s worth celebrating today.  My first post – see here -didn’t have any pictures – but I’m still quite fond of it as it summed up what I thought my blog would be about.  Seven years ago, soon after we moved into this house, the front garden was devoted entirely to paving and had room for three cars:  we made a plan of what we hoped the front garden might look like. My, now, almost completely grown up, son added an important sign:Front garden

Seven years on from that plan, and three years on from my first blog post, my front garden is still blooming and buzzing:WP_20170505_08_50_59_Pro.jpg


It has flowers and herbs, a small but promising cherry tree:


and it has vegetables:


and wild flowers


All of this and much more replaces what was once a car park. Paradise continues to be reclaimed.  This all happened before I started blogging but now I get to share it with my readers as well as the random toddlers who come in to smell the flowers, so happy birthday again blog.

2 thoughts on “Happy 3rd birthday blog!

  1. My wifi is playing up so I can’t see the photos unfortunately right now. However, congratulations on your three years blogging and well done on the garden transformation. It takes time and effort to do this…

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