A DIY weekend

It’s been a DIY weekend in the garden, starting with the problem of how to replace a raised bed which had finally collapsed on me.

Made from scrap wood from an old shed, the raised bed has served me well for seven years.

So it was out with the saw and tackling some lengths of wood, left behind after some loft flooring work a few years ago. This wood has been sitting in the garden, covered with plastic and waiting for that day when it might just come in handy.


New raised bed – with Swiss chard seedlings ready planted in the old one before it collapsed.

I also dismantled a rotary dryer, which had collapsed on us a couple of months ago. We were vaguely thinking of taking this to be recycled but I thought that sturdy pieces of metal might be useful for something.

New pea supports – two metal poles, strings threaded through the holes, old raspberry canes woven through the string.

And then there were the baskets from a dead freezer which I rescued before my brother could take them to the tip. New cat deterrents:

Otherwise, I’ve pruned a hedge, turned out the compost bins, planted out peas and broccoli, sowed some more seeds, and made a rather good green soup from the remains of last year’s broccoli and some Swiss chard:
WP_20170507_13_15_59_ProThe secret is in keeping the ingredients green as far as possible (some rainbow chard and purple sprouting broccoli did sneak in) and flavouring with a good handful of tarragon and mint.

A satisfying garden weekend.  Bella helped where she could:

wp_20170507_17_10_18_pro.jpgHere seen guarding the potatoes in a pot.

4 thoughts on “A DIY weekend

  1. Unfortunately, my problems with photos in WP blogs seems to be continuing but glad you were able to upcycle and have a new raised bed. The green soup should also make you feel most virtuous!

      1. Thank you. It’s mainly for me -It’s interesting to see how far we’ve come. I’m going to try to keep it ‘warts and all’. Maybe someone will be able to advise on my failures, as well as getting inspiration when things go well.

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