Flowers and friends in the garden

I’ve been away for a few days and come back to roses:

Wild rose
Gertrude Jekyll
Boule de Neige
Benjamin Britten

Although my first loves are vegetables, I can’t resist roses.  These all also have a wonderful scent.  And then I spotted some red flowered broad beans:


I sowed these a while ago and none had come up so I was delighted that a few have now appeared. I’ve no idea what the beans will be like but the flowers are certainly worth the wait.  Meanwhile the bees look as if they prefer the black and white flowers on the ordinary broad beans:

WP_20170528_17_03_48_ProMy day was made when I found this little friend on a rose bush, chomping its way through the greenfly:


3 thoughts on “Flowers and friends in the garden

  1. We need more ladybirds! Haven’t seen many at all for the past couple of years. I am squishing greenfly but would prefer them to be someone’s dinner. Love the roses, love the prospect of those beans. 🙂

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