Bees, frogs and trees at polling stations

It’s been another week where the garden has been low on the list of things to do. I’ve been keeping up the #30dayswild activities and tweets though it has been a little challenging what with the General Election and such like. I tried to rival the #dogsatpollingstations hashtag with a #treesatpolling stations one:



but I don’t think it caught on (next time maybe!).  On my way to and from work, I’ve been enjoying the Water of Leith, Edinburgh’s little known river and an oasis of peace in the centre of the city:

Today, I’ve been in the garden and planted out most of the courgettes, marrows and tomatoes and moved all of the cucumbers to the seed houses.  Harvesting is just beginning.  We’ve had about four strawberries and five peas but lots more to come.  I had a lovely harvest of rainbow chard and so made rainbow curry for tea:


As part of the #30days wild I’ve been spotting bees and frogs in the garden. The bees love the flowers on the sage plant in the front garden:


The frogs are out in force. I’ve seen them in the pond, behind the compost bin, all over the fairy mounds – these are frog heaven – covered in moss and wildflowers and long grass: WP_20170610_17_37_39_Pro

This fairy mound survived its recent move and is still full of frogs, though the frogs are tiny and hard to photograph as they, sensibly, hop out of the way as soon as they notice you.  But I found a huge one under a rhubarb leaf:


I reckon they’ve been enjoying all this rain we’ve been having. There has been an awful lot of rain. This was much needed and I took great pleasure in watching the water butts fill up and the pond beginning to overflow:

Now, we have had enough, thanks.



4 thoughts on “Bees, frogs and trees at polling stations

  1. Yes, I think it is time for some sun!

    Pleased to hear you can put your courgettes out…. Are you covering them up at all to keep the elements out (i.e. wind off them)?

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