Finding gold

I was going to do a Father’s Day post to celebrate my much loved and much missed Dad. But it’s been another busy weekend, happily spent with my mother in her garden so a good one for that.  Now I’m home again and desperately trying to finish a work thing that should have been done last week – so no significant gardening done (well not in my garden anyway) and no time for blog writing.

So here are just a couple of thoughts.  I harvested the first of the potatoes that Mum and I bought way back in January and left to chit in egg boxes:

I planted these out when she was in hospital, hoping she’d get a chance to enjoy them. They’ve come up well and looked fabulous. This weekend seemed like a good time to have a little dig and see what was there.  I pulled back a couple of stalks, poked around in the crumbly leafmould, which I’d used to earth them up, and found gold:


My Dad once told me that his best gardening moment was when he harvested his first potatoes as a young father in our first family home with a garden.  He said it was like finding gold.  You couldn’t beat that feeling.  He was right.  These were not my first potatoes but I don’t usually grow them and these ones were special in their own way.

Just a little bucketful to take to my mother’s.  They were lovely, we both enjoyed them and there’s lots more to come.


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