A little autumnal

It’s been distinctly autumnal here this weekend. Yesterday’s rain was impressive but today it’s just been depressing. It stopped for a while this afternoon. I had a discussion with my assistant about who should go and buy milk and who should use this break in the weather to potter in the garden. He reckoned I would be better at pottering so offered to go and do the shopping. This was a call to achieve something serious so I did my roughly twice yearly rotation of the compost bins. I have three compost bins: two plastic cone shaped ones and one made out of a water butt which froze solid one year, making it rather useless at holding water:

frozen water barrel

So I start the compost in large cone 1, move it to large cone 2 once the first one is full and then move the finished stuff to the ex-water butt.  It’s a rough and ready approach it but seems to work.  Today I was particularly excited by  actual steam coming off the compost, suggesting that something is going right.  Anyway it is a mucky job involving interesting smells and lots of slugs and minibeasts but is rather satisfying in the end. I didn’t take any photos – it probably wouldn’t have been good for the camera phone so you’ll just have to believe me.

Then the sun came out so  I enjoyed the bees enjoying the lavender for a while.


Then it started raining again so I came back inside. This evening the sky has rewarded us with yet more stunning colours


So I went for a little wander round the garden to try and appreciate what’s good. It feels a little transitional just now. The broad beans, potatoes, raspberries and strawberries are more or less finished. The peas have been magnificent and keep on coming. The heritage pink peas have been great – see here for more about these.  They are a little odd, producing one big cluster of flowers at the top of the plant.  I thought they were finished but they’ve produced a second flush of flowers, promising more peas to come:


I got these peas in an anonymous brown envelope at a seed swap last year.  They are a heritage variety and apparently they are quite unusual – lots about them on this blog – but they have been a happy accident and I’ll try and save some seeds myself so I can grow them again.

Meanwhile the runner beans are flowering along with some gorgeous sweet peas. Unfortunately they won’t produce peas but they smell lovely:

The apple and plum trees are groaning with fruit. But I’m really not ready for autumn yet.

4 thoughts on “A little autumnal

  1. I was thinking the same about it feeling autumnal. Anyway, I’m amazed you’ve still got broad beans and peas on the go – still, I did need the space for other things!

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