July is a month of anniversaries in my family: happy and sad in equal measure. Several family weddings clustered in late July, including my parents who were always up for a party: celebrating silver, ruby and golden weddings with wild family parties over the years. As my generation creeps into late middle age, we’ve started to have these anniversaries ourselves, although we’re not so good at parties. We did have a little party in the garden for our own silver wedding a few years ago and the sun shone. Several people gave us ‘silver wedding’ roses. Today I noticed one in full bloom:


But July has also been a time of loss and remembrance, including my own father and an aunt and uncle, all round these anniversary dates. I like to wander round the garden and look at the flowers and remember those we’ve lost. Here are today’s other joys:


Lily, with a background of craw’s taes and ostespermum (sorry for the combination of Latin and local names but that’s how I know them)

WP_20170727_15_20_43_ProWater lily

WP_20170727_18_33_01_ProWP_20170727_18_33_14_Proand bees, always bees.

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