There is a family story that my grandmother insisted that if she got the chance of reincarnation, she would return as a spider. It is many years since she died but spiders have often appeared at auspicious moments in the lives of the extended family, so we like to believe that she got her wish. There are always quite a lot of spiders in our house (we’re not very good at housework) and out of respect to my grandmother, we always take great care to look after them, usually putting them carefully out in the garden.


But this one has assertively taken up residence in the kitchen and has been chomping its way through fruit flies, much more effectively than the insect eating plants. It started off on the glass on the kitchen door, quietly leaping out for any passing fruit fly.


Then I noticed that it had moved to the ceiling. Today it has woven a miraculous web above one of the kitchen cupboards.


We’re going to have be careful opening and shutting the door but I reckon it can look after itself and will probably move somewhere more sensible soon.  And there’s always the possibility that my grandmother is keeping a close eye on us and making sure that we are all ok.

Meanwhile, since the exciting matter of the vine weevil massacre, the insect eating plants have been rather docile, although flourishing. The fruit flies in the kitchen don’t seem to be interested in them but they are growing away nicely anyway.  I’ve moved the venus fly trap around a bit to see what it might catch but it has also been rather ineffective at catching anything. I noticed today that it had a green and white fly infestation. What exactly is the point of an insect eating plant that gets greenfly? I removed them and fed them to the sarracenia (pitcher plants).


4 thoughts on “Spiders

  1. My dad used to have a Venus fly trap and had the same kind of experience… Good for the spider to work so hard for you!

    I had wondered what the flies on my draining board were and, since reading your post, I’ve realised they are probably fruit flies. Never seen so many in my life (outside of a compost bin).

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