Autumn joys

I’ve been away at the weekend, visiting my mother.  We went to the wildlife reserve at Caerlaverock, in search of migrating geese.  The geese migrate to Svalbard in the summer and come back to Scotland in the winter.  We were a little too early, though I did see my first skein of geese in the sky, a sight and sound I always find uplifting.  While we watched for geese, we also enjoyed the other wildlife, including these bees gorging on a sedum plant:


I was so impressed that I succumbed to buying a sedum in the garden centre.  Otherwise I was doing some tidying up in my mother’s garden, helping to harvest some of her magnificent apples:
WP_20170916_17_15_17_Pro[1]I thought it might help if I targetted the highest up ones.  I’ve seen fancy gadgets in catalogues for harvesting apples but I improvised my own apple grabber from a thing I found in the shed, I think designed for citronella candles:

WP_20170916_17_07_44_Pro[1]Grab the apple in the baskety thing, give it a little twist and it comes off neatly enclosed. Perfect.  The only drawback is the great pile of apples that I’ll have to cook or do something with soon:

WP_20170916_17_14_58_Pro[1]I also did a little weeding and hacking back of my mother’s overgrown garden, worrying a little that I had been overenthusiastic in my hacking back of roses earlier in the year.  There is a lovely rose growing over a pergola that my father made for their golden wedding a few years ago.  The pergola is terribly overgrown with enthusiastic honeysuckle and thorny rose shoots. He would be horrified at the lack of order but I hope he would love the flowers:


8 thoughts on “Autumn joys

  1. I’ve seen and heard geese arriving over the last week or so. Their formations are amazing.

    Anyway, I like the sound of your improvised apple picker. I’m afraid my WIFI isn’t letting me see photos today but I know what you mean. Thankfully, my apples on higher branches fell off unaided.

  2. A skein of geese – never heard that collective name before, but what a lovely one! I have a vivid memory of the first I ever saw, sleeping out on a roof one summer night before volunteering to provide legal advice at a mass Greenham Common gathering. A skein of geese in a clear, blue early morning sky. Just beautiful, and you’ve brought it back to me just now.

  3. Dear Jackie,

    My name is Ola, and I help to write the blog at Thompson and Morgan, the seed company. I’m doing a special feature about organic and permaculture blogs and came across yours. I particularly enjoyed your rainbow curry post.

    The Thompson & Morgan blog attracts a large readership and you’ll be featured alongside some top bloggers, all of whom write with style and authority.

    I’d like to mention this blog post in my piece:

    I’m hoping to publish the post soon; would it be alright if I use a picture to accompany my write-up of your blog?

    I’m thinking of featuring this photo:

    It goes without saying that I’ll credit and link, both the photo and my review of your blog, to your page, and I’ll be sure to let you know when I make my piece live.

    Should you have any queries, please do let me know. I’ll be only too happy to help.

    Many thanks,


    Thompson & Morgan blog

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