Rain and poetry

We’ve just had a few days away in the Lake District, celebrating my senior assistant’s birthday.  October in Grasmere was never going to guarantee glorious sunshine, so we went well prepared with boots and waterproofs.  We enjoyed walking along rain soaked paths, some of which were just not passable, even with good boots:


and climbed a foggy mountain, enjoying the sun coming back out through the clouds on the way back down


At the wettest point, we went in search of poetry at Dove Cottage.  While the senior assistant was immersed in poetry and history, I was thinking about William and Dorothy Wordsworth’s garden

As well as flowers, they had an orchard and grew potatoes, turnips, peas and runner beans. So there was more to the  Wordsworths than daffodils.

We travelled entirely by train and bus, which is completely straight forward. On our way home we made a small detour to Manchester to visit a wandering assistant and deliver some apples and jam. Meanwhile he had made an impressive courgette cake – recipe here  :

courgette cake

And then home, via the red sun and the yellow sky and battened down the hatches for whatever storm Ophelia has to throw at us tonight.

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